NOTE: For writing assignments and recordings click the links below:
» Recordings

» Writing Assignments

» Set Aside Prayer (download word document)

» 5 Prayers (download pdf)


13 Responses to “Worksheets”

  1. betty n. said

    thanks for your work and looking forward to doing this. I haven’t done the full 12 steps in the AA book for many years. I am looking forward to this as I have a clear mind since abstinence from compusive overeating.

  2. shumdesign said

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  3. Emily S said

    I have been in Al-Anon for 36 years,Coda for 10 yrars, Emotions Anonymous for 3 years and have done AlaTeen Sponsorship/Coordinator for 7 years and this book study is the best recovery tool I have come across since the phone bridge.Special mention to the web blog designer as I have a masters in Computer science technology involving webdesign and much more in information technology. This is one of the top that I have yet to see-all inclusive with links,audio,additional resouces and plesant user friendly features.Word of mouth is gowing quickly. Please let me know if I can assist in any way.

  4. shumdesign said

    Hi Emily, I am the web designer and appreciate your kind words and your offer of help! Thank you, Linda

  5. Vicky said

    good session. thanks sooo much

  6. Mary Givens said

    I am glad I remained sober and abstinate to be a part of the powerful big book step study. Thank u

  7. harmony711 said

    I have not mentioned this Big Book Workshop at any of my phone bridge meetings or any face-to-face meetings because it is not AA approved. But, I do mention it outside of the meetings. And, I’m finding the two work assignments quite interesting so far. Also, I’m appreciating the fact that we have to look up words for their definitions in the dictionary.

    Thank you again Stephanie and everyone for bringing this workshop to us.

  8. Carol M said

    I’ve tried several times to listen to your September 18 recording to no avail.

    I’m on AOL, and after 10 minutes or so, I’m cut off from your recording because the computer goes back to my screen saver, and I lose your voice. And, when I go back to the recording, it starts all over again.


    Love and peace,.

  9. vicki said

    harmony11……….im interested in understanding you better. you say this workshop is not AA approved. it is my understanding that all information contained comes from the big book of AA how could that NOT be AA approved>???? vicki

  10. Amy said

    Hi, and thank you for this group. I have been looking for something to supplement my other fellowship which I feel has been somewhat lacking in something…i think, of all things, the PROGRAM! I am, however, late in coming and have missed the first month or so. Can I still join in?



  11. shumdesign said

    Welcome! The recordings and the conference call info on Thursdays are on this site. You can listen to the past workshop recordings from the last few weeks.

  12. shumdesign said

    This is not an AA approved “meeting”, it is an all addictions big book step study “workshop”. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions post for more information.

  13. Darlene S said

    I have been so hurt by local AA meetings. I am not an alcoholic but there are no local meetings for my addiction. I just want to learnhow to use the steps so that I can help others in my endeavor to start a local meeting. I truly do not understand their ownership of addiction and annonymity. To me it is ludricous to post here that material taken directly from AA literature would be “unapproved”. I truly do not believe that Bill W. would have approved such “fraternity” among his brethren.


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