Writing assignment:

delirium tremens

1. page 5 Paragraph #4: “I woke up. This had to be stopped. I saw I
could not take so much as one drink. I was through forever.
……..Shortly afterward I came home drunk. There had been no fight.
Where had been my high resolve? I simply didn’t know. It hadn’t even
come to mind. Can you relate to this? Dig deep into your past
experiences with your substance of “no choice”. Write as much as you
can remember, going into as much detail as you can remember. Keeping
in mind we are building our foundation for the rest of the steps on
our deep seeded belief that we are utterly and hopelessly powerless
over ___________(you fill in the blank).

2. page 6 paragraph #1: The remorse, horror and hopelessness of the
next morning are unforgettable. Take each of these feelings and again
dig deep into your core and relive these feelings you experienced
after a relapse. Step one is not a pleasant step, it is a step of
hopelessness. That is the only FIRM foundation that the other steps
can be built on, so if your feeling depressed, good, your getting the
true sense of what it is to not be able to move on to recovery.