The writing assignment:
1. Do you believe in your fellowship? Why?
2. Do you believe still more in the Power (God) which pulls chronic alcoholics (addicts) back from the gates of death. Why?


This is an All Addictions Big Book Step Study workshop. The sole purpose of this workshop is to study and experience the steps as they are laid out in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are not affiliated with any Twelve step fellowship. This workshop is facilitated by one person, who had completed the steps as they are laid out in the Big Book and wants to share her experience, strength and hope with others. Please do not announce this workshop at any specific fellowship meetings. IT BREAKS TRADITIONS. Stephanie will be considered your big book step study sponsor unless you choose to get another person to be your big book step study sponsor. You will read all your assignments to your specific fellowship sponsor. You will also give your fifth step to this sponsor when the time comes. There are no attendance or sobriety requirements for participating, or listening to this workshop. The facilitated part of the workshops will be recorded, posted on this website, and can be listened to anytime after the workshop. There will be words from the Big Book for you to look up and weekly written assignments given to further deepen your experience with the step being studied. If there is time at the end I will ask if there is anyone who would like to read their assignments to the group. It will take approximately two years to complete the entire twelve steps.

Sincerely, Your sister in recovery,


Welcome to the Thursday 8 p.m. (EST) All Addictions Big Book Step Study Workshop.

My name is Stephanie and I will be your facilitator/sponsor.

I will be going through the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous line by line, paragraph by paragraph. I will give you my take on what is being said and also share my own experience, strength and hope with the step being studied.

We are welcoming to all persons in any twelve step recovery fellowship. There is no sobriety or abstinence requirement to belong to the group, and no attendance requirement either. My hope is that you will find this workshop so helpful to your recovery, that you will not want to miss it. There will be weekly written assignments that are not mandatory, but they will be helpful for a fuller experience of the step being studied. You’ll get out of the workshop what you put into it. I will be asking for you to read your assignments if you so chose to. We all learn so much for each other’s sharing.

I will be taped each week, so if you miss the workshop you can listen to it at your convenience, though it is not a substitute for the actual workshop. You will not be taped, so if you don’t come to actual workshop, you’ll miss your group members sharing.

I will be posting a short note about any further thoughts our workshop each Friday on our Website. You’ll have a place to write a comment, question or a sharing about what you learned or got out of the workshop the night before. This will be open to everyone to write and respond to, along with myself. If you want to write a note, comment or question to me personally, send it to ks.bkl [at]

I look forward to this recovery journey through the steps as they are laid out in the Big Book with all of you. I was a changed person when I completed the steps as they are laid out in the Big Book, and I pray that you too can experience the psychic change I experienced.

From your sister in recovery,


The phone number to join the conference is 712-432-3929/ PIN number is 7506210 #.

I am looking forward to working with you!!