Writing Assignment for November 20, 2008

November 24, 2008

First to answer a question I received this week: Yes, it is o.k. to pass on the “set aside” prayer. In fact it is a act of loving kindness to do so, for it helps a person become teachable and humble and learn what their Higher Power wants them to learn. The author is unknown to me. I received this prayer at a Big Book step study workshop at the Bill Wilson Inn. It’s in Dorset, Vermont.

Thursday night, Nov. 20th writing assignment:

1. pg. 3 Bill’s Story Paragraph 1; “I made a host of fair-weather friends”. What is your experience with these types of friends while you were active in your addiction? While you were in early recovery? Now? Concentrate on what type of friend you were/are.

2. How has delusion of your addiction played a part in your life? How has it prevented you from doing the next right action?


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