Daily A.A. Big Book Phone Meeting

September 19, 2008

There is a daily A.A. phone meeting that welcomes all fellowships at 10 pm EST. at 641-715-3600 pin744795#. You come into the meeting unmuted…*6 to mute and unmute.

This is especially helpful to those who live in remote area where there is not a Big Book Study or for those who cannot attend face to face meetings or just want to attend the phone bridge meeting. to They are in need of support in chair person positions for the daily noon meeting and for the nightly meetings attendance. Please feel free to participate in this fellowship and become a part of the “We” portion of the program.



9 Responses to “Daily A.A. Big Book Phone Meeting”

  1. Sandy said

    Where can I find the number for the noon AA phone meeting?
    Is it the same as the daily 10 pm BB meetings? Thank you

  2. Emily S said

    The Daily Noon EST meetings are at the same phone number and pin at the night meeting….641-715-3600 pin744795#. It is a Big Book/Discussion Meeting.

    I also put together a calendar of as many fellowships phone meeting times, schedules and phone numbers to the best of my knowledge. If anyone wants a copy of it (MS Word) I can email me and I will send it to you. promisesofrecovery [ at ] yahoo [ dot ] com

  3. Janice said

    Please email me a calendar of fellowship meeting times, schedules and phone numbers

  4. Wende said

    Hey there, Emily. I’d love the MS Word list you mention in the last post. My email is wendehope [at] earthlink [dot] net


  5. Louis A. said


    I would sincerely appreciate it if you would email me the list of all the fellowship phone meetings information. My email is louisabrams6898 [at]aol[dot]com .

    thanks in advance for this list.


  6. Lynette said

    Hi Emily! I was unable to make contact for your phone list at promisesofrecovery@yahoo.com. Would be grateful if you could forward it to me at lynettelouise@snowcrest.net. Thanks and thanks for your service!

  7. Lorna said

    I would love to have a meeting list schedule e-mailed to me! Thank you. I live in the Boston area.Do you a
    know anything about a “coffeeshop” meeting or “Karp.com”? Thank you, Lorna

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